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GP Studio

Retail & hospitality design agency website re-build.

Design consultancy and implementation of the new layout on the Wordpress platform.

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The Brief

We were approached by the client and asked to rebuild their existing website using a modern, responsive approach based on an initial design provided by them.


Working with the design team we honed the original concept into something that would work across devices and, importantly, allow them to import the content from the old site. The layout and colours of the new site are deliberately chosen to showcase the branding and design work GP Studio are renowned for.

Working with GP Studio

A super friendly team of designers made collaborating with them a pleasure. Open to new ideas, keen to learn and understand how a modern website is built made updating the design a piece of cake. Use of Dropbox for sharing files, regular phone calls to discuss progress and, during the build phase, use of our stage environment to keep them up to date with the state of the site kept them in the loop.

Technical implementation

Built utilising our own responsive HTML5 framework and implemented on the Wordpress platform. The CMS was the only choice as the previous iteration of the site also used this and we needed to import some of the old content. The custom field plugin was used to provide some flexibility when creating new posts on the Projects and Arch Window pages.

The Arch Window

GP Studio is based in Southwark and, as part of their working space, they have a unique gallery under the railway arches where they curate a wide variety of art. Outside of the main business this was still an important aspect of the site, the core fields plug-in was used to allow them some flexibility to create more portfolio style entries for the artists they promote.


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